Featured Artist: Bordalo II

Waste production is a big environmental problem. By not disposing them properly, those discarded materials will pollute our environment by contaminating our water source, soil, and the air we breath. This next featured artist tackles the very same issue. Born in Portugal, Artur Bordalo or commonly known as Bordalo II (Bordalo Segundo) runs a famous art series called Trash Animals. Through his work he hopes he can make environmental destruction more visible.

His animal sculptures and murals are huge, colorful with lifelike quality - hard to miss them. The fact that they were constructed from street trash such as broken appliances, old bumpers, tires, and such, made his work even more captivating. From the street of Paris to the corner of Azerbaijan (next to Armenia), his work has been featured all over Europe and beyond.

Lab Rat in Paris Bordalo II environmental artist
"Lab Rat" in Paris [Photo Credit: MixedDsign.com]
Bear in Italy Bordalo II Environmental Artist
"Bear" in Italy [Photo Credit: Street Art Utopia]
Yellow Frog in Azerbaijan Bordalo II Environmental Artist
"Yellow Frog" in Azerbaijan [Photo Credit: Bordaloii.com]
Deer in Norway Bordalo II Environmental Artist
"Deer" in Norway [Photo Credit: Bordaloii.com]
Big Racoon in Portugal Bordalo II Environmental Artist
"Big Raccoon" in Portugal [Photo Credit: Bordaloii.com]

He is different than other street artists mainly due to the method he uses to create his pieces. Instead of planning it ahead of time, Bordalo II works "on demand" by sorting through discarded materials he found on the street, putting them all together like pieces of a puzzle on the spot. He then finishes off his work by spray painting his art piece in great detail with vivid colors. His process is incredibly labor intensive using only traditional tools such as saws, drills, and hammers.

Bordalo II Environmental Artist NuArt Festival
Bordalo at work (Photo Credit: NuArtFestival.no)
Bordalo II Portrait
Bordalo II (Photo Credit: MyNewsDesk.com)

"Sometimes people don't recognize that their simple routines are too much, we are using too many resources too fast and turning them into trash, waste, and pollution." said Bordalo in Colossal.com. He is a man on a mission. He has our support and we wish him the very best!

To see more of his work, please visit Bordalo II's facebook page.

Source: Bordalo II, Colossal.com

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