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Giving back to those in need has never been easier thanks to the Give Back Box program. It is designed to simplify donating process. All you need to do is pack the donation goods into an empty box, affix the free shipping label to the box and drop it off to the nearest USPS or UPS. Through this program, shipping cost is already covered by the charities themselves so it is free for shoppers to use. It is recommended however that you use the boxes from the online purchases you've made to make an even bigger impact. No only you are helping people in need, you are also helping the environment by recycling. Give Back Box has everything covered! This is truly a worthy program and backed by many major retailers such as Overstock, Amazon, Levi's, and REI to name a few. They've partnered up with the program to further the cause. They all agreed that this circle of goodness needs to get even wider and she has their full support.

[Monika Weila - Entrepreneur,
Speaker, Thought leader]

The brainchild of this program is Monika Wiela who grew up in Poland. Her family didn't have much and toys were luxury items to her when she was a kid. Fast forward to adulthood, she ran an online shoe store called Cherry Mad before fate took an unexpected turn in 2012. She saw a homeless man on the street wanting a pair of shoes. Needless to say, she came back with a pair but the man was gone. This brief but powerful incident left a lasting impression on her and it made her think about the whole homeless situation. What can she do to help? She wants to make a difference so she did a lot of searching and brainstorming. She also housed many good quality empty shipping boxes in her warehouse left from her inventory so that made her think about excess. These boxes can still be of some use somehow... she tried to tie everything together. Then one day she made the connection after learning that online shopping has become the preferred method to shop than regular shopping. If those boxes get used again and filled with all the donation goodies this time around, imagine how big of an impact that one box will have on those in need and the environment. That idea became the driving force behind Give Back Box.

Have an oversized jean laying around or some old clothes no longer in style? How about those USB speakers you no longer use? Just toss them in the box and pack them up. Pack them as many as possible, there is no weight limit. There is limitations on the kind of goods acceptable for donation however. Things like liquids, fragile, hazardous items, or ammunition are not allowed for safety reason.

The program is free for any retailer who wants to join as a partner and for shopper who wants to donate. Free shipping label can be obtain from Give Back Box's website and if you don't have access to a printer, they'll even mail it to you. For more info on how to participate in this worthy program, please visit Give Back Box!


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