Featured Artist: Katie Thompson

Katie Thompson - An Upcycler At Heart

Recreate cape town katie thompson
Recreate shop in Cape Town, South Africa

As a self-proclaimed hoarder, Katie Thompson likes to collect old stuff. One day she decided to make a business out of it, not by opening an antique store, but something much more original. In 2009 she decided to open an upcycle store called REcreate in Cape Town, South Africa by transforming old stuff into new one-of-a-kind pieces. It was quite a gamble since no one knows what the market looked like at the time. Thanks to her background, vision, and expertise, she re-created a few iconic pieces and decided to showcase them at Cape Town Decorex Show in 2009.

The heart chair katie thompson recreate
One of the iconic pieces -
The Heart Chair

What a great decision that was. Her work was a hit! REcreate store was quickly featured in many South African decor magazines. Orders were pouring in and a bigger space was needed. Katie moved to a new location a couple of years later and stored some of the inventory in Amsterdam and Vienna.

In addition to making her own, Katie also takes custom orders for her customers. Using her own creativity and passion, these once considered 'junk' pieces were transformed into something new, unique, and beautiful. They were literally being brought back to life again. Katie certainly has the magic touch!

suitcase chair katie thompson recreate
Suitcase Chair
Book press table katie thompson recreate
Book Press Side Table
Surveyor tripod lamp katie thompson recreate
Surveyor's Tripod Lamp
mercedez-benz panel katie thompson recreate
Mercedez-Benz front panel transformed into a workstation

No wonder her work caught the attention of a distingushed car manufacturer, Mercedez-Benz. It's her biggest challenge yet to collaborate with the giant automaker in 2012 by transforming car components into fixtures and office furnishings.

That collaboration just propelled Cape Town's reputation into the world's design arena and pushed it's nomination into the winning circle in 2014 as the World's Design Capital. Her talent and her work alone certainly justifies the winning nomination.

To see more of her work, please visit her REcreate website.

katie thompson recreate
Katie Thompson at work


Source: REcreate and Mercedez-benz

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