Intertwining Hearts Upcycled Hinged Fork Bracelet (S)
Intertwining Hearts Hinged Fork Bracelet (S) 2

* Intertwining Hearts* Upcycled Silver Fork Hinged Bracelet (size S)

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Two Hearts as one. Your loved one will certainly adore this unique bracelet! Only those with great talent and creativity can create such a stunning piece. Who would've thought that this bracelet was made entirely from fork? It's as green as it can be. This fork has been trimmed, primped, and pampered in an environmentally and socially responsible manner so no toxic materials were ever used. This is the bracelet you can feel good about giving.

It is made with comfort in mind. A spring hinge has been soldered between the two handles for easy wearing of this bracelet. It's small size and it should fit wrist around 5 to 6 inches. Crafted in style, this bracelet will make a great keepsake and you'll look good wearing it too!

NOTE: Since the bracelets are hand made, variation in gloss and details are normal.

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